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40m Direct Conversion Transceiver

I built this transceiver according to the QST report of Roy Lewallen, W7EL. I assembled the transceiver just on a single gladded PCB. The tuning items are mounted directly on the board what prevents wiring excepting the power and speaker lines. I made an additional shield of the VFO with copper foil to avoid radiation from or into the VFO. The sidetone was still missing when the pictures were taken. I have added a LM386 amplifier to drive the speaker. As I found no variable capacitor that fits for the VFO a used a BBY46 varicap diode to tune the VFO with a 100k pot.
(I will add my details soon)
The transmitter reached 1.7W output without any tuning after assembly as described. Unfortunately I still have no spectrum analyser to check the output quality. So, for the moment I will leave it as it is.
The housing around the board was made out of some wood which was just available.