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Local Club Homepage
Badisches Burgendiplom

Homebrew Equipment

QRPp Attenuator
Low Band RX
40m DC Transceiver
Simple VHF VCO
Frequency Counter
RF Power/RL Meter


VHF J-Pole
23cm horn antenna
T2LT for 10m

Other Experiments


last update of webside : April, 19th 2010

Have a look on the homepage of my local radio club and the "Baden Castles Award" (Badisches Burgendiplom)

...for any requests or constructive comments give me a note... DL5UP AT onlinehome . de

Favorite electronic and ham radio links

Homebrew and UGLY CONSTRUCTION pages

Manhatten Madness  Homepage of K8IQY
QRP & SWL Homebuilder VE7BPO Homepage
G0UPL, Hans Summer  G0UPL Homepage
W7ZOI, Wes Hayward  W7ZOI Homepage

Radio equipment, Transmitters and Receivers

80/40m CW/SSB Receiver  AK4AA (PDF 2.5MB)
High Performance DC Receiver (R1)   High Performance DC Receiver, KK7B; PDF 7,6MB
High Performance DC Receiver (R2)  ...continuation of KK7B's R1; PFD 3.2MB
1...500MHz Phasing Exiter  The T2 CW/SSB transmitter; KK7B; PDF 1.2MB
An Optimized QRP Transceiver for 7MHz  ...PDF 1.4MB. See my assembly at TX/RX Equipment


DK7ZB Homepage  YAGI Antennas

Measurement Equipment and Microcontrollers

Homepage of DL5NEG  Lots of information and nice projects
SPRUT Webpage  PIC microcontroller, measurement equip: LC-Meter, frequency counter
Webside of N2PK  Great projects: Analyser SW, HF POWER/RL Meter, Networkanalyser

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